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If you pay passing attention to computer news, you may have noticed in recent years that semiconductor giant AMD has been heavily pushing the term “APU.” If you are not into the nitty gritty of micro architecture design, you may wonder what exactly an APU is, and how it relates to […]

Another Stick PC: Pipo Shows Off the X1

In recent months, it’s started to seem like the idea of a stick PC is really starting to build traction. Thanks to components getting smaller and a prevalence of monitors and other displays with the appropriate input ports, a host of manufacturers have announced and unveiled devices that house a full […]

Now our computers can forge our letters and checks

The steady march to create computers that can do everything we can continues, with a development by Alex Graves, a Junior Fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, making it possible for them to write as if with a human’s virtual hand. Given enough text to […]

Spider silk, Strong fibers

Spider silk is arguably one of the most amazing materials known to man. Despite being extremely lightweight and ductile, it’s also ridiculously strong, with tensile strength that rivals that of alloy steel. It’s already one of the strongest fibers found in nature — but believe it or not, a team of […]

Turn Off All System Beeps

If you want to turn off all system beeps (like the ones that go through your computers’ internal speaker), follow these steps:

Bots, Botnets and Zombies

News about internet crimes often mentions ’bots’, ’zombies’, and ’botnets’. It’s not hard to figure out from the context that these are computer or network security threats. But what exactly are they, how do they work, and what damage do they cause?