Canyon and Sony taking Android Wear to your handlebars

It probably has something to do with the whole “wear” part of its name, but so far all of the Android Wear devices on the market have been inconveniently restricted to being worn on the wrist. But the platform has the potential to be so much more, and it has […]

Google can now upload your USB pen drives to the cloud

  Google wants to make it easier to upload data from physical drives to its cloud by providing an expanded mail-in service for importing data. First reported by TechCrunch, the new Offline Media Import/Export offering allows developers to send physical media including hard drives, tapes and USB flash drives to […]

Apple & Samsung dual camera technology

We’ve seen dual-cameras on smartphones before, but they were usually reserved for gimmicky purposes. Now, Apple and Samsung are reportedly looking to implement similar camera tech in future phones, but this time the dual-camera tech will be used to produce higher quality images and color detail.


When solid state drives hit the market there was serious concern that the super-quick drives might run afoul of serious reliability problems. In fact, it’s been proven that SSDs are often far more reliable than thought, and will last most users a decade or more. But the fact remains that […]

3D XPoint Memory

3D XPoint memory is up to 1,000 times quicker than current solid state drives Computer storage has been stuck in an innovation rut over the last two decades. While consumer drives have improved immensely, the fundamentals they’re based on haven’t changed. Computers use DRAM for random access memory, paired with either […]

Nvidia’s upcoming GTX 950 may have sprung a leak

The battle for prominence in this generation of graphics cards from both of the big manufacturers has been an interesting one. While Nvidia has retained the performance crown, AMD certainly stole the show with its very different take on a contemporary graphics card, the liquid-cooled Fury X. However, while hearts […]

NASA collaborates with UCLA for next-gen Wi-Fi chip

Given how broadly used the technology has become over a very short space of time, it’s easy to forget how much of an impact Wi-Fi has made on devices we use on a daily basis. Being able to access the Internet without being forced to use a wired connection is […]

Micro Lego Computer

Lego might be marketed as a child’s toy, but considering several generations have now grown up with the interlocking plastic blocks, there’s a lot of people of various ages that enjoy playing around with the potential they contain. When it comes to PC and Lego enthusiasts though, nobody goes quite […]

Nvidia’s next GPU may have 32GB of VRAM and 17 billion transistors

Big changes may be on the horizon for Nvidia’s new GPU, Pascal, if the rumors reporting are accurate. Information has leaked about the upcoming revision that points to more than twice the transistors of the current Maxwell chip found in the Titan X, with support for up to 32GB of […]

A charge cable that can give your iPhone 128GB Storage

As an iPhone owner, you might encounter a couple of pretty common problems. First, you might find yourself out in the wild with a drained battery and no means of charging it back up. Second, even when you are charged up, you might find that you’ve run out of storage space […]