Configuring a Wireless Access Point

E1200Step 1  You take it out of the box, put it on a shelf or on top of a bookcase near a network jack

and a power outlet.

Step 2 Plug in the power cable.

Step 3 Plug in the network cable.

Step 4 Open your Internet browser.

Step 5 Enter the wireless device IP address (some default IP addresses are or or in the browser address line and press Enter. An Enter Network Password screen appears.

Step 6 Enter username and password ( username is “admin” and password is blank by default ) and Log in.

Step 7 Go to Wireless tab and select Basic Wireless Setting. Set network mode to “Mixed” and type a name for your access point in SSID field. Note that SSID Broadcast must be Enabled. Then press Save Setting button.

Basic Wireless SettingStep 8 Go to Wireless tab and select Wireless Security. Set Security Mode to “WPA2 Personal” and type a password for wireless connections in Passphrase field and press Save Setting button.

Wireless Security

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