Lantern is an amazing device fed by a stream of data from Outernet’s satellite network.


Free data forever. Initially, Lantern will receive about 2 MB/day, though we will increase this number in the future. Depending on the success of this campaign, we could stream data at up to 100 MB/day. And you will never have to pay for data, ever.

Extremely portable. We are in the prototype stage, but the final product will be the size and weight of a standard flashlight.

Solar charged. Plug Lantern in to charge it. When power is not available, just set Lantern in the sun. Lantern receives data in low-power mode and can share downloaded files when its hotspot is turned on.

Lantern Is Fed Information From Outernet,

Humanity’s Public Library

Outernet is the most innovative and far-reaching information service ever created, and Lantern makes it even more accessible. Here is a quick overview of how the system works:


1. Outernet continuously broadcasts data from space. Most of what we broadcast is decided by you. The rest is either part of our Core Archive (critical content, like educational material or disaster updates) or Sponsored Content.

2. Lantern connects to the satellite signal. A receiver, such as Lantern, can be bought from Outernet, or we’ll show you how to build one yourself. Lantern can receive numerous types of signals from various satellites and frequencies. Lantern can be plugged into a satellite dish to receive data at an even faster rate (200 MB/day and up).

3. Connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to Lantern. Lantern’s Wi-Fi hotspot allows anyone with a computer, tablet, or phone to interact with Lantern’s content. Everything can be viewed in a browser, just like the Internet, except this is an “offline” version.

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