Micro Lego Computer


Lego might be marketed as a child’s toy, but considering several generations have now grown up with the interlocking plastic blocks, there’s a lot of people of various ages that enjoy playing around with the potential they contain. When it comes to PC and Lego enthusiasts though, nobody goes quite as far as Mike Schropp who previously built the Mini Lego Computer. For some, though, it wasn’t small enough, so he’s upped the ante with the Micro Lego Computer, priced at $400 less.

Costing just $600 for the i3 system — featuring an i3-5010U CPU, 4GB of DDR3, and a 120GB SSD — the Micro Lego Computer measures in at just 4 inches by 5 inches by 5 inches. That means it can fit in just about anywhere and much like its more expensive/bigger brother, it looks just like a giant Lego brick too.

The same customization is built into this design, with the ability to stack more cases on top for added computing power, or chassis expansion — and of course, if your Lego skills are up to scratch, you can do this yourself at home too. That means if you want to add a PCIe graphics card but don’t have room, you can just expand the chassis in the right direction. The same goes for a larger cooler or motherboard.

However if you don’t fancy doing that, there are prebuilt add-on brick modules that you can add to the system. They include customizable tops for a unique look, as well as more functional ones. There’s a bright blue external storage module, which can come with built in HDD or SSD options. Another is a bright red card reader and USB 3.0 module, which clips right on to the front of the system.

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