Realtime mikrotik Traffic Monitor By IP



  1. Download last version of Attix5 Traffic Monitor Service(server)
  2. Download last version of Attix5 Traffic Monitor Viewer

Mikrotik configuration:

  1. Create a group names sniffer with ‘SSH,read’ policy

         Command:          /user
                                          group add name=sniffer policy=”ssh,read”

  1. Create a user in sniffer group names sniffer and set ip address for it

         Command:          add address= disabled=no group=sniffer name=sniffer

  1. Now enable ip accounting as write below

         Command:          /ip accounting
                                         set account-local-traffic=no enabled=yes threshold=2560
                                        /ip accounting web-access
                                         set accessible-via-web=yes address=192.168.2.XX/32

          Attention : XX is IP address of machine that server is running on it.

Server machine configuration:

  1. Copy server(service) files in this path C:\Program Files (x86)\Sniffer.
  1. Edit snifferservice.ini according to your network. For example :


  1. Open CMD as administrator and run this command.

         Command:          SnifferService.exe /install

  1. On service manager search for sniffer. click right on sniffer and start it.
  1. Move Viewer files to anywhere you want. Edit sniffer.ini file according to your network.

         SnifferService=localhost:80         // IP address of machine that service is running on it

  1. Run snifferview.

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