Set Up Wireless Channel

Wi-Fi-ChannelsHere you are aiming to eliminate the effect of other wireless networks near you that may be limiting the range of your wireless connection. If you want to know more about wireless channels please visit this link.


1Connect an Ethernet cable between your router and computer.

2open the wireless settings page of your router in a web browser (some default IP addresses are or or You can run a quick ipconfig command at the command prompt          to check:ipconf

Most routers require a username and password. The Username and Password are usually any combination of blank and “admin”. If you can’t figure it out, Google the model number of your router and “password” together.

3Find the Wireless Settings Page

4Use inSSIDer to determine which channel your network should be on. Remember: 1, 6, and 11 are the only three channels that don’t overlap, and putting your network on the same channel as another network is always a better idea than overlapping. Select the Channel you have decided to use (On some routers you will need to set the channel selection on your router to ‘Manual’ instead of ‘Automatic’ before changing the channel), and click the “Save Settings” or “Apply Settings” button, which is usually at the top or the bottom of the configuration page.

channel select

Connect to the wireless network.

Note: If you are unable to connect, Repeat steps 1 to 4 using a different channel.


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