Set Video As Desktop Wallpaper

How-to-set-video-as-a-Desktop-wallpaper-in-windowsEver wanted to set cool videos as your computers Desktop Wallpaper, then you came to right place. This trick needs a small tool or software that mostly every one has installed on their computer or laptop. I mean VLC player. You can download it from link below:

Download VLC Media Player

After installing VLC, follow these steps :

1Open VLC Media Player.

2Then Go to Tools > Preference ( Or press CTRL + P ) and Selecet Video from left panel.

3Then Choose DirectX video output from output dropdown list
as shown in below image.set-video-as-wallpaper

4Save the changes ans restart VLC Media Player.

5Play any video you would like to set as your desktop wallpaper.

6Then click on Video and select DirectX Wallpaper from the dropdown list as show in below image.


7Now Minimize vlc player and you will see your video running on your desktop as wallpaper.

8If you want your default wallpaper back then uncheck DirectX Wallpaper from video dropdown list.

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