Wake on LAN over the Internet

Features-Wake-on-LAN-Let’s say I am in Singapore on a business trip and I need to turn on my computer to retrieve some files. It may seem impossible but it is possible. For Wake-on-LAN over the internet, you must have a router that is turned on in order to wake up a computer over the internet.

Note: Make sure you configure your router to forward port 9 to the computer that you want to boot up otherwise it will not work because the Magic Packet can’t get into your network. Refer to PortForward on how to configure port forwarding for your router.

1. Depicus Wake on Lan

At first we found the Depicus Wake on Lan tool that is able to boot up a computer using Wake-on-LAN over the internet.wake-on-lan-1

Something that was very confusing at first about this tool was the Subnet Mask entry. It somehow modifies the entered IP address to become something else. Eventually we came across a simple solution to this issue. Just use the subnet mask and it’ll send the magic packet to the IP address and MAC Address that you’ve specified.

Download Depicus Wake On Lan

2. Aquila WOL

There is Aquila Wake On Lan tool which is a very powerful software and can give you plenty of various options. You can wake up remote machines and also schedule wake ups and shutdowns and many other things with a simple, cute GUI.


Download Wake On Lan

Here are some websites that allow sending magic packets to boot up a computer over the internet. They are free services that can be used by anyone.

3. Wake-On-LAN Online


You must know the external IP address, MAC address and also the Port. The default port for WOL over the Internet is 9. Some use port 7. Enter the correct information, hit the “Wake Up!” button and it’ll send the magic packet to turn on your computer.

You can also setup a schedule to turn the computer on at a specified time and date.

Visit Wake On Lan Online

4. RemoteWakeUp


The requirement is the same as above. You need to enter IP address/hostname, MAC address and port which defaults to 9.

Visit Remote Wake Up

5. Depicus Wake on LAN over the Internet


Other than entering IP Address, MAC Address and Port, you need to enter subnet mask as well. Just enter and a port of 9.

Visit Depicus Wake on LAN over the Internet

6. Wake on Lan Monitor

If Wake-on-LAN doesn’t work for you, try using Wake on Lan Monitor/Sniffer. You can use this tool to test if the magic packet is reaching your computer or not.


Download Wake on LAN Monitor/Sniffer

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